Trailer For Heather Graham’s Half Magic Arrives

Heather Graham in Half Magic

by Owen Williams |
Published on

"Where's Annie?" you may have asked during this year's Twin Peaks: The Return. Well she was off directing a movie of her own. Heather Graham wrote, stars in and makes her debut behind the camera in the semi-autobiographical sex comedy Half Magic, and the first trailer is now online.

"On the surface, Half Magic is a comedy about bad dating decisions," Graham says in a statement. "Why do we choose the people we choose? What draws us in? Why do we always 'know better' but do it anyway? I have made some bad choices and put my self-worth into needing to be with 'that' guy. So I made this film because I wanted to share the journey of how I got over the programming of my religious upbringing and terrible dating experiences to come to love myself and my sexuality. I want to empower women to feel good about themselves and make better choices. I want to celebrate women enjoying their sexuality and finding their pleasure. I want to celebrate how strong we are and how we can create anything we want. Gone are the days when women felt powerless, with their abusers facing no repercussions."

The film also stars Stephanie Beatriz, Angela Kinsey, Luke Arnold and Molly Shannon. It's out in the US in February, but we don't have a date in the UK yet.

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