Tracking Down Travolta

Elmore Leonard on the trials in filming the sequel to Get Shorty

by Willow Green |
Published on

Despite the success of Get Shorty - the last Elmore Leonard novel translated to the screen - the author admits the process of filming the book's sequel, Be Cool, is getting harder and harder. 'I called John [Travolta] recently,' Leonard told the Daily Telegraph, 'thinking we should get this film underway. He was out on his boat, so I left a message and he gets back to me and says he's tired. He's made a lot of pictures lately. he lives Be Cool and wants to to do the movie, but he needs a rest.' Not only is getting hold of the talent a problem, but the money's proving a tricky issue as well. 'MGM say that they want to make it, but they're worried about the money,' Leonard goes on to say. 'It's going to cost them a lot. Travolta hadn't yet established his comeback when he did Get Shorty, but now his fee is $20 million a picture.'

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