Toy Story 3 Trailer Released

It's official!

Toy Story 3 Trailer Released

by Owen Williams |
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It was leaked over the weekend so you may have already caught it. But we like things to be officially official round here, so we held fire before bringing you this, the official new trailer for Toy Story 3, in glorious HD.

We get a bit of Randy Newman; some poignant camcorder footage; the set-up of Andy going to college and the dejected toys facing an un-played-with future; the excitement of being donated to a playgroup before the realisation hits home that the children like to play rough;* *and the launch of a daring escape plan. Plus Buzz getting reset to his factory settings. In Spanish.

What you may not have seen is this video announcement by director Lee Unkrich in which he reveals a couple of new bits of casting. First up, the truly ace Kristen Schaal (Flight of the Concordes' crazy stalker chick) will voice an as-yet-not-officially-revealed Mystery New Character (rumour has it one of those characters is a pink teddybear, glimpsed under the bed in a little girl's room in Up! - thanks to Cinemablend for that one).

Replacing the deceased Jim Varney as Slinky will be his friend, comedian and Adam Sandler regular Blake Clark. And Unkrich confirms that the all-growed-up Andy will still be voiced by the all-growed-up John Morris, from Toy Stories 1 and 2 (which, incidentally, have so far grossed $22m in their 3D double-feature re-release).

Toy Story 3 is out next summer - but in the meantime, check out these rather spiffy new character banners for the film to keep you ticking over.

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