The Toxic Avenger Is Back Back Back!

Troma's iconic character has a new life

The Toxic Avenger Is Back Back Back!

by James White |
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Schlocktastic Troma studios creation **The Toxic Avenger **– or “Toxie” as he’s lovingly known, is set to return in all new adventures thanks to a seemingly unlikely source – producer Akiva Goldsman.

Originally created by Troma founders Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz, the camp icon has his origin story in Melvin, a gentle wimp who cleans at the Tromaville Health Club. A lonely target for jocks and other tough types, he gets his chance at payback – and heroism when he’s immersed in a vat of toxic waste.

Soon, the mop-wielding warrior is sorting out the bullies and fighting crime, not to mention wooing the ladies despite looking like a human-shaped mound of pond scum.

He's been featured in several movies and at least one cartoon series, and now Goldsman and fellow producers Richard Saperstein and Charlie Corwin have nabbed the rights thanks to a finance deal with Endemol, the conglomerate that brought us Big Brother (seems strangely fitting).

The plan is for Toxie to drive a new environmentally conscious franchise of family friendly adventures (so bang goes most of his edgy appeal and rude humour), including animated TV spinoffs and comic books.

Wonder if they'll ask Troma veteran James Gunn if he wants to be involved? Surely the man who made Slither could bring some extra madness to the movie...

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