Tough Choices

Terri Schiavo case book optioned

Tough Choices

by Willow Green |
Published on

A year after her death, Lawrence Bender and three fellow producers have nabbed the rights to Terri Schiavo’s husband’s book.

You’ll recall that the Schiavo case was a long-drawn-out legal battle between Michael Schiavo and his wife’s parents over when it was appropriate to switch off her life-support equipment. It started as a clash between family members. It ended up as a national political battleground.

"The story is almost Shakespearean in the warring of the families and the great love story between the (couple)," co-producer Marvin Minoff told Variety. "It starts off so beautifully and then ends so chaotically." Schiavo’s book, Terri: The Truth has just been published in the States, with Bender and co shopping the rights around to film studios and TV networks.

"For a story that got this much press and attention, there's a big part that's yet to be told, and that's Michael's story," says fellow producer Kevin Brown. "Here's a guy who goes from being a restaurant manager to being a nurse for his wife to having the president of the United States come just short of calling him a murderer."

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