The Top Gun: Maverick Team Posts New CG-Free Flight Video

Tom Cruise as Maverick

by James White |
Published on

Tom Cruise's commitment to doing as much as possible with practical stunts on his films has long since entered film legend. And on long-anticipated sequel Top Gun: Maverick, he's pushing that even further, doing more of his own flying than ever in the quest for realistic thrills on screen. Check out a new video from behind the scenes of the movie.

You do have to wonder whether Cruise asked permission to buzz the crew before doing it anyway, his fighter jet roaring over their heads, kicking up dust and, we can only imagine, bursting the eardrums of the poor unfortunate sound recordist.

Cruise told Empire back in January of his intention to shoot as much as possible with the cast actually in planes. "I said to the studio, 'You don’t know how hard this movie’s going to be. No-one’s ever done this before. There’s never been an aerial sequence shot this way. I don’t know if there ever will be again, to be honest."

Top Gun: Maverick is still on target to land in the UK on 23 December.

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