Tony Scott To Direct Potzdamer Platz

Big names linked to family crime drama

Tony Scott To Direct Potzdamer Platz

by Alastair Plumb |
Published on

Deadline New York is saying that Tony Scott, at long last, will be directing his long held dear passion project Potzdamer Platz, the story of two grunts in a New Jersey crime family who want to take the business to an international, and no doubt even more illegal, level.

As if another Tony Scott project being announced weren’t enough (his train-based thriller Unstoppable is still in post-production, and The Warriors is still on the to-do list), the names attached already should get you very excited – namely Messrs Bardem, Statham and Rourke.

That’s right, Javier, Jason and Mickey have all been linked to the film, but it gets better… Scott trying to charm his old mucker, and Crimson Tide/Enemy Of The State star, Gene Hackman out of retirement for the project.

Now we’ll eat not only our hats, but the rest of our head-based wardrobe (mufflers, glasses, moustache guards) if Hackman - who hasn't made a movie since 2004 - does really does get back into the acting saddle for this one. But don't rule out the persuasive powers of the younger Scott brother...

Scott’s been talking about the project since he got the rights to the original book back in 2000, and now that the script’s been redrafted by David Scinto and Louis Mellis, the writers behind Sexy Beast, we're officially excited.

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