Mission: Impossible 7 Moved Back To November 2021

Mission: Impossible 6 cast New Zealand

by James White |
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This was, perhaps, inevitable given that production on the movie (and its back-to-back follow-up) was halted back in February, but Paramount has now officially moved the next Mission: Impossible movie back in its release schedule to November 2021.

Mission: Impossible 7 (which has yet to announce its subtitle), had writer/director Christopher McQuarrie once again marshalling Tom Cruise and the gang for more high-danger stunts, espionage and plot twists, with plans to make both the seventh and eighth films in one big block, to be released one year apart.

The seventh film was originally scheduled to arrive on 23 July next year, but release schedule juggling (and that filming delay) means it's on the move to 19 November that year. The eighth movie, originally dated for August 2022, has shifted to 4 November that year.

Yet that July 2021 slot is not going begging: Paramount is putting Chris Pratt-starring sci-fi action film The Tomorrow War there instead. And the M:I move means that the planned new Dungeons And Dragons film will see its questing delayed from November 2021 to 27 May 2022.

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