Tom Cruise’s Latest Mission: Impossible Stunt Documented In New Video

Mission: Impossible Fallout

by James White |
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'sTom Cruise's commitment to stunts, especially for his Mission: Impossible movies has long been a matter of public record. And in his never-ending quest to top the show-stopping moment from each film, he's now taken to leaping out of planes for real. But not just any jump, a High Altitude, Low Opening, or Halo jump. Check out the video of him doing it more than once for Mission: Impossible – Fallout below.

Yes, while we're sure that leaping out of a plane travelling 165mph at 25,000 feet is fun and cool for Cruise (he had to do it several times so they could get the shot), we can only imagine the knots that director Christopher McQuarrie's stomach is tying itself in as his friend and star makes each jump. Still, as writer on the current IM films and the person who develops these ideas with Cruise, he really only has himself to blame.

Fallout promises a mix of Missions past and present, with Sean Harris returning as Solomon Lane, captured by Cruise's Ethan Hunt and team last time around. Of course, he’s now escaped and is threatening Hunt with doomy, whispered warnings of incoming nuclear attacks. Among other returning faces are Ving Rhames as long-term IMF team member Luther, Alec Baldwin as the CIA’s Alan Hunley, Simon Pegg as Benji, and Rebecca Ferguson reprising her Rogue Nation role of Ilsa Faust. Oh, and a new problem emerges in the shape of Henry Cavill's Agency enforcer Tachley McLipp... er... August Walker.

Mission: Impossible: Fallout will be in cinemas from 26 July.

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