Todd Phillips To Direct Murray At Large

Not Bill Murray - it's a new character

Todd Phillips To Direct Murray At Large

by Tom Ambrose |
Published on

Old School director Todd Phillips may be vying for the title of Hollywood’s busiest man. Or, perhaps more accurately, most indecisive. Currently, a quick perusal of Phillips’ upcoming slate shows that he’s working on no fewer than TWELVE different movies, all at various stages of development.

These include the Old School sequel, his Six Million Dollar Man update, something called Psycho Funky Chimp, and Tom Cruise comedy Men.

And to that ever-growing list of stuff he may or may not do next, Phillips has this morning added Murray At Large, a comedy about a man named Murray Farkus, who goes on the run to clear his usually impeccable name when he’s accused of an unspeakable crime.

Farkus is apparently loosely based on Phillips’ own Uncle Murray, so it’s not like Phillips and his co-writer Jeremy Garelick are short of ideas. And the character might provide a lead role for an older actor – and there aren’t too many of those about. Will we see Bill Murray playing another Murray? Is Paul Giamatti available? How about Dennis Quaid or, even better, his brother Randy?

Well, that may be pretty far off in the future, for it looks like The Hangover may be his next movie to actually run film through a camera – it’s being fast-tracked by Warner Bros. (which also picked up Murray At Large) for a pre-strike start.

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