Tim Blake Nelson Joins Captain America: New World Order As The Leader

Tim Blake Nelson at D23 2022

by James White |
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Long considered a lesser entry from the MCU's early days, The Incredible Hulk is certainly having a return moment right now, partially thanks to She-Hulk's use of Tim Roth's Emil Blonsky AKA the Abomination. Yet another character from the movie will make their return, and this time on the big screen as Tim Blake Nelson took the stage at this week's D23 Expo to announce he'll be back as The Leader for Captain America: New World Order.

The movie, which will see Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson suit up as Cap for his first big screen outing following his reveal on The Falcon And The Winter Solider, recently scored a director in Julius Onah and is scheduled to start shooting next year.

Nelson will play Samuel Sterns, who was last seen in the 2008 movie starting his transformation into the Hulk villain.

Also joining the cast for the new movie? Unorthodox's Shira Haas playing Sabra, an Israeli superhero from the Hulk comics who is a mutant with enhanced strength, speed and agility. We'll have to wait and see whether her mutant backstory carries over to the film.

The newcomers to the Cap stories will share the screen with returning Falcon And Winter Soldier actors Danny Ramirez, back as Joaquin Torres (a military intelligence friend of Sam Wilson's) and Carl Lumbly, whose bitter former Captain America was a highlight of the show.

On the D23 stage, Onah called the film a “paranoid thriller.” while Mackie raved about the film, saying, “I’m nervous! I’m excited. It’s everything I expected it to be." Captain America: New World Order will be out on 3 May, 2024.

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