Three New Avatars Shooting Soon?

Sigourney Weaver thinks so

Three New Avatars Shooting Soon?

by Owen Williams |
Published on

We'd just about got used to the idea that James Cameron was planning to shoot two Avatar sequels at the same time, and he teased us just last month with mention of an **Avatar 4. Now Sigourney Weaver has apparently suggested that three back-to-back Avatars are seriously planned, whenever the whole shebang eventually gets going.

The story comes from an interview with Weaver at Showbiz 411, where Weaver appears to say that she's off to shoot Avatar 2, 3 and 4 following the wrapping of TV pilot Political Animals and a theatre play at the Lincoln Centre. The thing is, Weaver isn't directly quoted using those words in the piece: she's just paraphrased, making the intel distinctly dodgy. Maybe she was exaggerating? Joking? We don't know what she said, because we aren't really told.

Neither is Weaver directly quoted as saying "she has no idea how long it will take or how it's going to work." The only bit that's actually in inverted commas is "I just show up".

Strictly unconfirmed so far then, but no doubt more will emerge before long. It does chime with what Cameron said back in May, intimating that there would eventually be four Avatars in total. So will we get a new Avatar in 2014, 2015 and 2016? Watch this space.

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