The Suicide Squad: Let’s Meet The Team In The New Trailer For James Gunn’s Comic Book Chaos

The Suicide Squad

by James White |
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When you know that James Gunn is handling the new incarnation of Suicide Squad, you can expect his trademark blend of gags, relatable characters and gonzo action. So it is for this mixture of sequel and reboot titled, perhaps a little confusingly, The Suicide Squad. The new trailer has landed after a day of the cast "leaking" it, and you can take a look. Just don't ask too many questions about starfish.

Gunn here back Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller, Joel Kinnaman’s Rick Flag, Jai Courtney’s Captain Boomerang and more with a group of new recruits to bolster the ranks, including Idris Elba’s hair-triggered Bloodsport, Sylvester Stallone's fin-tastic King Shark, Weasel (Sean Gunn) and John Cena's Peacemaker, who has clearly struck a chord enough with the director to warrant a spin-off TV series that is now shooting.

There are plenty of fresh laughs to be found here, not the least of which is confusion about Weasel's true nature (and his, er, violent past) and Peacemaker making an ass-umption that causes merriment amongst his comrades.

And we're promised plenty of frenetic action, with the caveat that several of the characters are unlikely to survive the mission.

The Suicide Squad will arrive on 30 July in the UK, with the US following on 6 August.

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