The Mummy Returning To UK Cinemas For 25th Anniversary – Exclusive Poster

The Mummy

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Imhotep! Imhotep! Imhotep! Who’s ready to join the shuffling hordes heading to the local multiplex to worship cinema’s greatest, gooiest mummy? It’s 25 years since Stephen Sommers’ Universal monster movie The Mummy burst onto the big screen – with its Brendan Fraser charisma overlaid, brain-bothering beetles, and bespectacled librarian Rachel Weisz turn – to terrify an entire generation of moviegoers. And now, lock up your organs, bury your maps to Hamunaptra, and do whatever you can to not recite from the Book Of The Dead, because The Mummy is returning to the the big screen this summer.

Yes, just like its titular undead priest, The Mummy is alive again and ready to rampage – it’ll be back on UK screens from 5 July, and we have an anniversary poster to prove it:

The Mummy – UK Re-release poster

And here’s the re-release trailer:

A big summer hit upon release in 1999, The Mummy has endured as a fan-favourite – not only conjuring up serious scares (the reanimated mummified Imhotep is no joke), but radiating big Indiana Jones energy in its adventure-serial tone, and packing its runtime with gags that keep the whole thing barrelling along. Plus, it finds Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz on crackling form as the rapscallion adventurer and buttoned-up bookworm, respectively, forced to undo their considerable mistake of waking up an ancient Egyptian evil. Add in scarab beetle shocks, big-scale effects sequences and the legacy of the Universal monsters in popular culture, and you have a big ol’ blockbuster blast.

So, catch The Mummy in 4K at your local cinema from 5 July (courtesy of Park Circus), relive the summer of 1999, and be sure not to overload your camel with gold.

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