The Matrix Returning To UK Cinemas For 25th Anniversary – Poster Exclusive

The Matrix

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Dodge this. Or, not. Because The Matrix is officially heading back to cinemas later this summer to mark its 25th anniversary, which is an event not to be missed – the chance to see the Wachowskis’ definitive sci-fi masterpiece large, loud, and levelled up in 4K. Even a quarter of a century later, The Matrix remains a mind-blowing piece of work – if you’ve been waiting to see the lobby fight, the ‘Morpheus is fighting Neo!’ training sequence, or that very first Trinity bullet-time kick on the big screen again, now’s your chance. The film is returning to UK cinemas on 7 June – check out the exclusive poster here:

The Matrix – 25th Anniversary Poster

For anyone who’s been living under a rock (or, more fittingly, has been firmly unplugged) for the last two and a half decades, Lana and Lilly Wachowski’s film follows Keanu Reeves’ hacker Neo, who is told by Laurence Fishburne’s Morpheus and Carrie-Anne Moss’ Trinity that he’s actually living in – gasp! – a computer simulation akin to the late 1990s, while his body (and the body of every other plugged-in human) is being harvested by a race of machines. Cue a mission to free Neo – who may or may not be ‘The One’ – from his pink-goo prison, so he can unleash the mental projection of his digital self and fight back against marauding Matrix Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving). Check out the re-release trailer here:

Since The Matrix has lost none of its power or impact in the 25 years since its initial release (and in the wake of the news earlier this year that Drew Goddard is planning a fifth Matrix film, to be produced by Lana Wachowski), be sure to follow the white rabbit to cinemas when The Matrix is reloaded – courtesy of Park Circus – on 7 June.

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