Terry Zwigoff To Build The $40,000 Man

Cut-price Bionic Man spoof

Terry Zwigoff To Build The $40,000 Man

by Helen O'Hara |
Published on

You may remember the old TV show The Six Million Dollar Man, wherein Lee Majors played a former astronaut who was all cyber-enhanced following a crash that nearly killed him. Well, they're making a comedy version of it, called The $40,000 Dollar Man, and they've hired Terry Zwigoff to direct.

The plot, as you'd expect from the title, is about an astronaut and all-round heroic type who is badly injured in a crash but rebuilt on a budget of only $40,000 - so as you'd expect, the bionic bits don't work so well.

Zwigoff is writing the script along with his Ghost World and Art School Confidential collaborator Daniel Clowes, although we wouldn't be surprised if this was more in the vein of Bad Santa than either of those.

In fact, given some of the facts we learned while watching Sicko, Michael Moore's polemic on the state of US health care, we're amazed that $40,000 will get you anything bionic at all, since it isn't even enough to sew the tip of a severed finger back on. But with a little elbow-grease and some careful recycling, maybe Zwigoff's doctors can do more for less.

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