Terminator Title Terminated

No Longer Salvation: The Future Begins?

Terminator Title Terminated

by Helen O'Hara |
Published on

ComingSoon.net is reporting that the new Terminator film, which has until recently been titled Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, is now title-less.

The film, with McG directing and Sam Worthington and Christian Bale starring, is due out in May 2009, so there's still quite a lot of time to come up with a new title (say, Terminator 4), and frankly practically anything would be more convenient than the apparently nixed Salvation: The Future Begins idea.

We like to think that this is all down to Empire's efforts here to dissuade studios from using lengthy, clumsy monikers for franchise films, but in any case we'll be watching to see what they come up with next. So what would your vote be for a new name?

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