Arnie’s Back In Action For A New Terminator: Dark Fate Image

Terminator: Dark Fate

by James White |
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One of the most anticipated – by both the positive and negative camps – sequels of the year is Terminator: Dark Fate, which promises to wipe the canon slate clean after the events of T2 and tell a brand new story. The latest image from the film sees Arnold Schwarzeneggericonic T-800 back in action, this time taking on Gabriel Luna's advanced, dangerous new model.

Dark Fate sees James Cameron back producing, though Deadpool director Tim Miller is the man charged with bringing the film to screens. This time around, it's decades after the events of Judgment Day and finds Natalia Reyes' Dani Ramos as the target of the malicious machines, who have identified her as the next main obstacle to eliminate in their plans to take over the planet. In the fight to survive, she'll get some help from Grace (Mackenzie Davis), an augmented human from the future, and the legendary Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton), who is still kicking cyborg arse.

As for Schwarzenegger's Terminator, this picture points to him definitely being an ally to the humans, though we'll have to wait and see how he exactly fits into the story (and why he's around at all). "You can’t deny the announcement of a sixth film in a Terminator series is a cause for saying, 'Enough is enough; the well is dry,'" Miller tells the LA Times. "At the same time, every fan of the series has this small kernel of hope that maybe this will be good." We'll know for sure when the film opens on 23 October. Meanwhile, here's Everything You Need To Know so far.

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