Latest Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer Has To Save The Future Again

Linda Hamilton - Terminator: Dark Fate

by James White |
Published on

Following swiftly on from a new image, the latest trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate has arrived, and looks to tie in with the series' storyline in more ways than one. Take a look...

The day of release for this trailer is no coincidence – 29 August is "Judgment Day" as identified by Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor in the original two movies, and Dark Fate promises to explore the day after... I.e. the day this trailer arrived in some countries.

With Deadpool's Tim Miller directing and franchise godfather James Cameron more actively involved as a producer this time around, Dark Fate aims to challenge our pre-conceptions as to what happened with the future of the world in the wake of Terminator 2. As Sarah herself explains, she saved us all, but Mackenzie Davis' Grace – an enhanced human – reveals that might not quite have been enough, with our fate still tied to destruction at the hands of Skynet and the machines.

Also present? Arnold Schwarzenegger as a version of a T-800, here offering to help protect Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes), who like Sarah before her is someone vital to the outcome of events. And she'll need the assist, as Gabriel Luna's advanced Terminator has her in its sights.

It's a little concerning that the new trailer appears to show little chunks of a lot of the movie's action, but hopefully Miller and co. have plenty more up their sleeves. Terminator: Dark Fate will be out on 23 October in the UK ahead of its Stateside release on 1 November.

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