Teresa Palmer In Talks For Point Break Remake

She may star alongside Edgar Ramirez & Luke Bracey

Teresa Palmer In Talks For Point Break Remake

by James White |
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Despite the waves of hate that wash over the Internet every time its name is invoked, the Point Break remake is still surfing over the distaste and probably planning a heist at the same time.Teresa Palmer is now in talks to star, looking to stop the film from suffering a testosterone overload.

The new film, which takes the place of a long-rumoured sequel, will reboot the concept from Kathryn Bigelow’s cult 1991 thriller. Luke Bracey stars as young, driven FBI agent Johnny Utah, who is tasked with infiltrating and taking down an extreme sports gang that is pulling off bank robberies. But as his mission progresses, he becomes closer to the leader of the robbers, zen surfer dude Bodhi (Edgar Ramirez) and, if the plot holds true to the original, is also drawn to a surf chick / Bodhi's ex, the role Palmer is presumably eyeing.

Ericson Core, who sounds like he took his name from one of those action movie character name generators, is the man tasked with making this film fly, working from a script by Kurt Wimmer. With Ray Winstone, Matias Varela and Clemens Schick also in the movie, Point Break’s cameras start rolling on June 26, ready for a planned August 7, 2015 release date in the US, with no confirmed UK arrival yet.

Palmer, who was last seen in Warm Bodies, has a variety of films coming up on release dates including Kill Me Three Times and Terrence Malick's new pic, Knight Of Cups. She's also in the cast for John Hilcoat's Triple Nine, which will also shoot soon.

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