Teaser Trailer For New Jeunet Online

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Teaser Trailer For New Jeunet Online

by Owen Williams |
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Fans of wonky French whimsy rejoice, for Jean-Pierre Jeunet is back! Check out the teaser trailer for Micmacs a Tire-Larigot here.

No subtitles yet, but its not difficult to glean that it's a comedy in which French comedian Dany Boon plays a character called Bazil who gets shot in the head. The plot concerns Bazil taking down big-business arms manufacturers. Just like that bit in Bowling For Columbine when they take the bullets back to Wal-Mart. Or something.

Trailers can be deceptive but it looks like it's very much back to Jeunet's business as usual, after the comparatively serious A Very Long Engagement: we've got a hero who likes the movies; we've got vintage-postcard cinematography; we've got music by Aline Bonetto; and he's not actually in the clip, but we know that Dominique Pinon is on hand.

Jeunet has been hit-and-miss without his early collaborator Marc Caro (Delicatessen, The City of Lost Children). Amelie was universally lauded, but critics and audiences were less convinced by Engagement and Alien: Resurrection; so far Jeunet's only foray into Hollywood. We say he's always fascinating even when he's off-target (yes, including Alien) and we're looking forward to this immensely.

The title defeats Google translate though. Any suggestions from our multi-lingual readers?

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