Tears For Agento

Dario's back for fresh meat

by empire |
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Dario Argento. Just a mention of the Italian horror master’s name has us bringing up visions of Trauma, Inferno and Suspiria. And that means we must resign ourselves to nightmares for weeks.

We obviously don’t need to sleep properly, because we’re delighted to bring word that Argento is stepping back behind the camera for The Mother Of Tears, which will form the third part of his Three Mothers trilogy.

This time, he’s co-writing with Tool Box Murders scribes Jace Anderson and Adam Gierasch on a tale of witches and suicide, which is a shocker, because we were expecting something about puppies and daffodils.

Apparently not, according to co-finance company Medusa Films chief Giampaolo Letta, who told Variety: “This is going to be vintage Argento. Pretty strong stuff.”

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