That’s Taking The P***

Ioan Gruffudd finds his fame Stateside presents interesting problems

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Ioan Gruffudd was at last night's (9 November 2000) unveiling of London shop Liberty's Christmas windows to display the 102 Dalmatians costumes by award winning Anthony Powell but he had little time to linger as he was heading off on a plane to New York for the film's premiere. 'That is going to be exciting,' he told Empire Online. 'It is my first trip to New York of this nature... I am bringing my mum with me so it is going to be a family affair. My only worry are the photographers shouting my name out when we arrive. I may have to let them know the Welsh way beforehand. I have been called all sort of names over the years such as Jan or Yawn or the worst one which was 'Urine', that was terrible.' As for working on 102 Dalmatians, Ioan has nothing but praise for his canine co-stars. 'The dogs were absolutely extraordinary,' he says. 'They always say never work with children and animals but they were just as good as the actors. They hit their mark better than I did. Yes, there were times when it got a bit frustrating but hey, they are only animals so you have to get on with it - the dogs I mean, not the actors! 'And Glenn (Close) was absolutely tremendous. She was quite frightening when she was in costume as Cruella but as a person she was lovely, very down to earth and missed her daughter who is back at home. I got on with her very well.' It's been a busy year for Ioan. 'Another Life is coming out next April and I am paying Freddy Bywaters who has had an affair with Edith Thomson who is married. Freddy murders Edith's husband in order to be with her but she got hanged for it with him because of the slim evidence. They had written these romantic letters to each other, back and forth so in truth she got hanged for being an adulteress and not a murderer. And she had nothing to do with it...It was a true story set in the twenties, in London. They called it 'The Ilford Murder'.' And Ioan has another project all done and dusted. 'I have also finished a film, which was called Pavarotti in the Dad's Room but is now Very Annie Mary that is coming out in April as well. Myself and another Welsh actor, Matthew Rhys (Kathleen Turner's co star in 'The Graduate') are playing two camp gay coffee shop owners in the valley. Great fun to do. Matthew and I have this sort of camp welsh characters that we do at home whenever we get silly together so we just basically playing ourselves at home - but this time on film and getting paid for it. 'Rachel Griffiths and Jonathan Price are the stars, it is not a musical but Jonathan's character has a good singing voice and he is trying to pass that onto his daughter.'

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