Tag – Exclusive Image Sees Ed Helms Make a Play for Jake Johnson

Tag - Exclusive

by Ben Travis |
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When was the last time you played ‘tag’? Probably at school when you weren’t trading Pokémon cards or drinking warm cartons of milk. But in summer comedy Tag, a group of grown-up friends are still playing one epic game of the playground classic on a country-wide scale. The film, starring the likes of Ed Helms, Jake Johnson, Jon Hamm and Jeremy Renner, is based on a true story of a group of men who reignited their ongoing game for a whole month every year well into adulthood.

“I went out to dinner with one of the real guys,” Tag director Jeff Tomsic told Empire, “and he had to sit with his back to the wall facing the door, just in case one of his friends showed up in Atlanta and chased him through the restaurant.” That level of paranoid frenzy has been captured in the Hollywood version — just take a look at this exclusive image from the film, with Helms’ Hoagie making a dash for Johnson’s Randy.

Tag - Exclusive

You can read more about Tag by getting your hands on the Summer Movie Blowout issue of Empire, out today — and remember to pay for it before dashing off, no shoplifting please. The film will race into UK cinemas on 6 July.

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