System Overload

Deliver us from more computer game conversions

by empire |
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Initially, when someone said "hey, let's take this great game and turn it into a film," you'd have been forgiven for thinking it wasn't an entirely unconscionable idea. But, many helpings of pixel-inspired pants later, it can't be lost on the public that, by and large, such conversions don't exactly set the world on fire. Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Super Mario Bros; it is now apparent that, rather than a passing fad, such titles were only the tip of an ill-conceived iceberg as further console-to-camera endeavours are unleashed at a frightening rate. The latest titles to join this ever-increasing queue are Area 51 and Crazy Taxi, the former being an action game, not scheduled to hit consoles until 2004, while the latter is an arcade driving game featuring

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