Sylvester Stallone producing Rambo: New Blood for US TV

Sylvester Stallone as Rambo

by James White |
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In 2013, the first rumblings started that Sylvester Stallone was looking to continue another of his long-running franchises – the blood-soaked action one featuring John Rambo – on TV. It’s taken a while for everything to come together, but now the Fox network in the States has ordered an initial script for Rambo: New Blood.

According to The Wrap, this will be an homage to the Rambo films more than a straight continuation (though Sly has an option to play John Rambo if he so chooses), exploring the complicated relationship between the haunted Vietnam War veteran and his son J.R., a former Navy SEAL. What that will mean is anyone’s guess that this point, though Entertainment One and Millennium Films have hired Jeb Stuart, who worked as a writer on films such as Die Hard, Another 48 Hrs. and The Fugitive to start coming up with the pilot.

Assuming it goes on air, this would mark the second Rambo TV series, following the somewhat unexpected and short-lived animated show that premiered in 1986. It also means that this will be the main outlet for Rambo on our screens, as the planned fifth film, Last Blood, remains in limbo for now.

It’s also just the latest of Sly’s projects to move to the small screen, with The Expendables in development at the same network.

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