Sylvester Stallone on for an Escape Plan sequel

Sylvester Stallone in Escape Plan

by James White |
Published on

2013 thriller Escape Plan doesn't seem like a film screaming out for a sequel. It only made $25 million in the States, and the reviews were not kind. But like some other projects, it did well overseas, particularly in China and now star Sylvester Stallone is being brought back to take more of a supporting role in a sequel.

Escape Plan saw Stallone playing prisoner designer Ray Breslin, doubled-crossed and locked up in one of his own slammers. With the help of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Rottmayer he formulated a... what's the phrase...? It's on the tip of our tongue... and got out. What he'll be doing in the new one is anyone's guess, though we figure he might be helping someone else break out of incarceration. Or maybe he'll be making sure someone can't?

The story has yet to be revealed, but the first film's writer Miles Chapman is back and shooting is already scheduled for March in Ohio and China, but there's no word on a director yet.

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