Sweetwater Biopic Planned

A legendary sports star

by Willow Green |
Published on

American filmmakers just can’t get enough of inspirational, true-life sporting heroes. They’re always good for a stab of heart-pounding, music-swelling excitement as the subject in question overcomes racism/sexism/having no head.

The next helmer hoping to make a victory lap of the biopic stadium (for, in this case, baseball) is Martin Guigui, last seen directing the tiny indie Cattle Call.

And his focus is Sweetwater, which will unspool the life story of Nat “Sweetwater” Clifton, best known as the first African American player to win a contract with the NBA. He got his name from his childhood love of soft drinks (you can smell the marketing opportunities now!) and was an outstanding baseball player at school, but also becoming a talented basketball star. His story also includes a stint in the army during World War Two.

Guigui wants to start shooting in late February, as soon as he tracks down a cast.

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