Suspect Zero Stalls

Affleck and Universal part company

by Willow Green |
Published on

The latest script from Zak 'Small Soldiers' Penn has been subject to much internet rumour - the latest of which involved flavour of the moment Ben Affleck. Suspect Zero tells the story of an FBI agent who tries to track down a serial killer who in turn has been bumping off other serial killers. The twist comes when the agent begins to fear that his killer may not be human - very X Files. Buzz on the story was good, with even Tom Cruise showing an interest before he was hauled off to London for Eyes Wide Shut. And the latest news was that Universal had asked Ben Affleck to rewrite the script. Now, from the horse's mouth (aka Affleck's own website) comes the news that Affleck and Universal have parted company over the project. 'I loved the idea of the Suspect Zero movie and wanted to do it,' explains Affeck, who agreed to come on board and work on the script. 'Now I'm not fast, mind you. And they became impatient with my pace...Anyway I then was given a copy of the earliest draft of the script (by Zak Penn) which I loved! If I had seen that to begin with I would simply have signed on to the movie and gone and done it. Unfortunately the studio disagreed with me, they liked the later versions ...[which] relied heavily on the internet as a dramatic device, something I have yet to see work in a movie...So we amicably parted ways.'

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