Survival Of The Fiennest

Joseph and Winona sign on for The Darwin Awards

by empire |
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We have a sneaking suspicion that most people have the sort of black, twisted sense of humour that secretly enjoys tales of people dying in idiotic and unlikely ways. Like the man who was trying to wrestle a free can of coke out of a machine, causing the machine to tip over and crush him to death. Or the guy who cut off his own head with a chainsaw to impress his mates (Really - check out the story here). What's more, Hollywood clearly agrees with us, with the news that Winona Ryder and Joseph Fiennes have signed up for The Darwin Awards. The title of the film refers to the not-entirely-serious posthumous Internet awards for people who meet their death due to extreme stupidity, improving the human gene pool by removing themselves from it. The main pair will play a forensic detective (Fiennes) and an insurance claims investigator (Ryder) who go on a road trip to create a profile of a potential Darwin awards winner

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