Superman Reborn ready to soar…

29/1/1999 Nicolas Cage is slated to appear in the latest Superman movie that's having trouble getting off the ground.

by Willow Green |
Published on

Don't hold your breath, but the much-talked about Superman movie project could well take flight in the next few months. Warner Bros, the producers behind all four of the Christopher Reeve adventures, originally pulled the plug on Superman Reborn (working title) over its inflated price tag (a reportedly $140m budget) and a downbeat screenplay by Chasing Amy director Kevin Smith. Now, a re-write by Dan Gilroy (that's right, the scribe behind sci-fi bomb Freejack) has pleased both the Warner Bros producer Jon Peters (the moneyman behind Batman) and actor Nicholas Cage, who has first refusal on whether to don the red tights or not. Apparently, this new script is "budget-conscious" (i.e., it's got less explosions but more character) and is being offered to director Tim Burton, who is locked in to helm the project. Keep watching the skies, but don't expect any sudden decisions. After all, producer Jon Peters is still around and it was he who once turned up on the set of Rainman to ask Tom Cruise: "so who plays the retard?"

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