Superheroes And the Supernatural

New trailers online

by Willow Green |
Published on

Two of last year's biggest names launched trailers today for their upcoming films. The all-conquering Pixar follow last year's Finding Nemo with superhero tale The Incredibles, while that bloke who played Neo in the Matrix sequels is back with a tale of supernatural sleuthing. There has been an Incredibles teaser online for some time now, which you can see here, and very amusing it is too. Now there is a full-length trailer where we get a further taste of the trials and tribulations of life as a superbeing, which you can see here. While this one has some entertaining little quips, especially Mr Frozone's search for his costume, it doesn't give away much about the story of the film, or even most of the characters. Still, The Incredibles will not arrive on these shores until December, so we're guessing that everything will be clear by then. Next up is Constantine, the Keanu Reeves starring adaptation of cult comic book Hellblazer. He plays a detective of the occult who helps police officer Rachel Weisz to trace the mysterious suicide of her twin sister, coming up against some seriously evil demon types in the process. Now this teaser trailer doesn't look bad

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