Superbowl Ad Round-Up

Not exactly a bumper crop this year...

Superbowl Ad Round-Up

by James White |
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As well as some of the bigger films, this year’s Superbowl airing across the pond offered up a variety of spots from other movies with varying results.

And if we’re brutally honest, aside from a couple of decent standouts, it’s been a fairly lacklustre year for the ads in general and film spots in particular. Nothing was shown from Iron Man 2 or The A-Team, and Inception was also absent.

The new promo for The Wolfman was a stripped-down version of the most recent trailer, with rawk music, a semi-naked Emily Blunt and chewy dialogue between Anthony Hopkins and Benicio Del Toro intercut with wolf shots.

Shutter Island’s advert showed off more of the tension-building atmosphere, though it soon gave way to quick-cut editing and a credit list for Martin Scorsese.

The Crazies also went the quick-cut route{ =nofollow}, though it seemed rather more in keeping with what we can expect from the film itself. It also made the thing look like a hell of a lot of fun. Let’s hope it lives up to that!

And finally… The Back-Up Plan. Dear Jennifer Lopez: if you were hoping this would bring your film career rocketing back, you’d be better off pinning those wishes on another film. This. Looked. Awful.

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