Summit Knows Men Are From Mars

Movie time for self-help tome…

Summit Knows Men Are From Mars

by James White |
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Do we really need every advice title turned into a film? It would seem that Summit Entertainment thinks so, since it has jumped on the latest adaptation bandwagon and nabbed the rights to Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.

The original tome, which launched a whole line of similarly themed titles and a bazillion rip-offs, was written by John Gray in 1992.

Aiming to help couples through marital and other relationship differences by pointing out the Brand New Fact that men and women have different outlooks on life, the book nonetheless proved to be a winner, with 50 million copies sold.

Summit is likely thinking it can fashion a rom-com out of the source material, because no one has ever made one about how men and women are different before.

"Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus is not just the title of a book, or what we know will become an amazing film and TV franchise – it is a pop cultural mainstay and comically, sadly, romantically, all too often still true these many years after first being published," Summit's president of production Eric Feig blabbed to Variety.

Still up for grabs: Empire’s own tome, Men Like Mars Bars, Women Prefer Snickers. The phone number’s on the masthead, studios.

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