Stretch Armstrong Has A Director

And a new writer. Joy.

Stretch Armstrong Has A Director

by Owen Williams |
Published on

Personally, if we must have films based on toys, we want Thundercats. Masters of the Universe might possibly do in the meantime. But on the weird offchance that you might actually be stoked about the Stretch Armstrong film, you may be pleased to hear that the project, which already has twithrob Taylor Lautner attached to star, is to be directed by Monsters Vs Aliens' Rob Letterman.

There's also a rewrite underway, with Nick Stoller (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him to the Greek) taking another crack at Steve Oedekerk's original screenplay. The story as we know it so far involves a spy inventing a stretching formula, the better to fight crime and complicate his relationships. 3D is also promised. Think that bit in Coraline where the hands come out at you. Over and over again for ninety minutes. Like a boot stamping on a human face forever.

But maybe we're wrong. Maybe that's unfair. After all, today's news brings us a writer with considerable comedy chops and a director who's previously demonstrated wit and imagination in a kid's movie environment. Perhaps, perhaps, this is going to defy all expectations...

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