Stranger Things 3 Trailer Brings Monsters, Malls, And A New Mayor To Hawkins

Stranger Things 3

by Ben Travis |
Published on

Ready to return to Hawkins, Indiana? The full trailer for Stranger Things 3 has arrived, teasing broiling emotions, colourful new locations, and one heck of a gooey monster for Mike, Eleven and the gang to contend with this summer. This one’s set in 1985, and it’s clear the Dungeons & Dragons gang are leaving their childhoods behind – venturing to the mall, falling out, and getting into even more supernatural trouble. Watch the trailer here:

This third season looks like plenty of fun – bigger in scope, with an even more vibrant mid-'80s look, and now starring The Princess Bride’s Cary Elwes as new character Mayor Kline. Nothing has been confirmed by Netflix, but there’s a possible sense of finality here too – will this be the last ride for the streaming service’s blockbuster show? With the focus here on the gang growing up – and possibly apart, judging by Mike’s dialogue – begin preparing yourself that this could be the end.

Just when you thought the trailer was having too much fun on delving into its ‘80s setting and perhaps ignoring the Stephen King-inspired kids-vs-monsters side of things, the end of the trailer shows off a terrifying new creature. Is that a super-demogorgon? Or something else from the Upside Down? We’ll find out on the 4th of July, when Stranger Things 3 hits Netflix in full.

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