Strange World: Full Trailer For Disney’s Latest Animated Adventure

Strange World (2022)

by James White |
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As shown at Disney's recent D23 expo, the new trailer for the animation division's big new adventure story Strange World is now online for those who weren't able to attend to view. Take a look…

Jake Gyllenhaal here voices Searcher Clade, the son of a steadfast explorer (Dennis Quaid's Jaeger, who vanished while on a quest). The black sheep of his family, Searcher chose a very different path from the others. Coming from a long lineage of brave and daring explorers, Searcher instead decided to get his hands dirty differently: by becoming a farmer.

Yet now Searcher needs to team up with his family, including wife Meridian (Gabrielle Union) and son Ethan (Jaboukie Young-White) to help them complete an incredibly dangerous mission, on which the fate of their own world rests. Searcher is asked to take on the job by President Callisto Mal (Lucy Liu), who knows how vital it is that they succeed.

As he steps out of his comfort zone, Searcher is amazed and intrigued by the unknown alien world that surrounds him. And who should he encounter but Jaeger, who has gone native within this weird new world. Ethan, meanwhile, makes a friend in an odd, squishy creature, who he names Splat.

Directed by Don Hall with Qui Nguyen co-directing and writing, Strange World will venture in cinemas on 23 November.

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