Stone The Crow

The fourth instalment circles overhead

by empire |
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We can't deny that The Crow was actually a rather good film. All style with little substance, to be sure, but a glorious piece of brooding, gothic cinema nonetheless. Pushed even further into cult status by its star's untimely death during shooting, it didn't come as too much of a surprise that a sequel was commissioned. Enter Vincent Perez and Iggy Pop. One crap film later and lesson learned, right? Wrong. This time Eric Mabius is rolled out as the undead avenger with an inexplicable appearance from Kirsten Dunst and, an achievement in and of itself, it's actually worse than the last one. Even without taking into account the abominable TV series, The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, it must be obvious to anyone with the sense God gave a marmoset that this is one franchise that could really do with being buried. But sense has never got in the way of Hollywood ambition before and the continuing production of The Crow: Wicked Prayer is testament to the fact that no dog is ever so dead that it can't use a good flogging. Edward Furlong has recovered from his Terminator 3 exclusion and now signed on to star in the film, somehow (dark arts, we'll warrant) dragging Dennis Hopper, Tara Reid and Angel's David Boreanaz along for the ride. Director Lance Mungia is shepherding the project to completion as Furlong and his on-screen girlfriend are murdered by the suitably silly-named Luc Crash and his gang, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Luke Goss, who was tipped to play Crash, clearly saw the wisdom in a hasty retreat and has now abandoned the part to make way for Boreanaz. The young couple's death is apparently part of some ritual to turn Crash into an undying, soul-sucking demon - not unlike this franchise.

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