Still Time For One More Bane Poster

Another Dark Knight Rises IMAX promo

Still Time For One More Bane Poster

by Helen O'Hara |
Published on

With only nine days until the release of The Dark Knight Rises, you might have thought you'd seen all possible posters and promos already. But not so! There's still at least one more to go, in the shape of this number from Fandango featuring Bane's masked mug, looking like the world's most sinister pavement art ever.

The film will, of course, see Tom Hardy play Batman's hyper-intelligent, super-strong, totally malevolent nemesis, finally providing the Dark Knight with a foe who's possibly smarter and stronger than he is. Uh. Oh.

Christopher Nolan's film - chorus it with us now - comes out on July 20, and if you need to know anything at all about the franchise, check out our massive Dark Knight trilogy countdown to the big day.


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