Steven Spielberg May Direct The New Indiana Jones

Update: Chris Pratt speaks!


by James White |
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Update: Chris Pratt's Indy-based silence was broken by MTV on the Oscar red carpet, and the once and future Starlord conspicuously failed to scotch the rumours that he might be inheriting Harrison Ford's fedora. "It's all nothing until it's something and so far it's not something," said the on-the-spot Pratt. "[But] I don't think it's overwhelming to contemplate. It'd be cool. No one's called me. There's a lot of talk about it. The pressure would come just because it's such a great franchise you wouldn't want to get it wrong, so for me it would have to be perfect to do it."

Admittedly, it feels on first glance like one of those stories where you see it and you just think, ‘Well, OF COURSE HE WILL.’ Given Steven Spielberg’s long association with the Indiana Jones films and his sway when it comes to both the character and its future, it’s only natural that he’d step up to the job of making any new film. But according to Deadline, he’s finally made it clear that he’s interested in keeping things going, and that he still wants Chris Pratt – who he hand-picked to star in Colin Trevorrow's Jurassic World – to take on Harrison Ford’s famous role.

However, it’s still all up in the air for the moment. The script doesn’t even exist yet and Spielberg will only sit in the director’s chair if he likes what’s on the page (no sarcastic cracks about him making Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, please). And Pratt is nowhere near signed to the role, though it’s increasingly looking like Disney is going full steam ahead to convince him to take the job, especially given the Spielberg connection.

With no script to hand yet, no-one outside the inner circle knows what form this potential new movie might take, when it could be set and what obstacles our hero – whoever ends up in the fedora – will be facing. Still, if anyone can shepherd in a new era, desirable or no, of Indiana Jones, it’s the man who was there for the birth.

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