Steve Pink directing Rent-A-Hero film adaptation

Director Steve Pink at the 2007 Impact Awards

by James White |
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Unlike comic books, video games still haven't managed to serve as a reliable source material for movies, but studies are still trying. Hot Tub Time Machine director Steve Pink is attached to make an adaptation of SEGA 1991 title Rent-A-Hero.

The game found you playing as Taro Yamada, who accidentally comes into position of a suit of combat armour. Because he now has to pay off the cost of the suit, he hires himself out to the townsfolk of his home, known as Corja.

Pink and co-writer Jeff Morris are turning that basic concept into the idea of a slacker genius joining a tech start-up which bills itself as "Uber for heroes." But when he and some of his comrades learn that the company bigwigs are planning to weaponise the technology involved, they team up to stop that happening. “As SEGA fans, we are excited to dive into the near future with these Rent A Heroes, and explore what it means to be an everyday hero in a comedic, high-energy, action adventure,” Pink says in a statement carried by The Hollywood Reporter.

SEGA's own Stories International is helping to develop this one, which joins other games from the company churning through the movie mill including Shinobi and Golden Axe.

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