Stephen Dorff Cooking Up New Comedy

With Jack Nicholson involved...

Stephen Dorff Cooking Up New Comedy

by James White |
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When you think of Stephen Dorff, we bet your brain doesn’t naturally run to “comedy regular.” But if the man himself has his way, that could all be changing very soon, with the actor reporting that he’s hard at work on a comedy idea that will co-star mate Jack Nicholson.

Out on the press rounds for Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere, Dorff talked to The Independent (spotted by the keen-eyed coyotes over at The Playlist) about his gestating plans to get into writing and producing alongside acting. "I like to make movies about characters. I like smaller films, that's what I love to do," he says. "I love acting, number one, but I think now I'll get more into producing and make some more films, a la Felon, maybe even a little bigger.”

And first on his plate is an idea he’s been kicking around for a comedy. Thanks to a recent experience with Adam Sandler (he plays a porn star named Dick Shadow in Sandler’s new produced pic Born to Be a Star), he’s got the backing of the prolific actor/writer/producer’s Happy Madison company.

“I have a comedy idea that I came up with that I'm doing with Adam Sandler's company that I want to do with Jack Nicholson, who's still a good friend of mine. It's a very funny comedy idea for me and him set in the South of France. We're not in script form yet but I wrote the treatment and they've already bought it so as soon as I get a break from working, I'll turn that into a script and I'll go and tell Jack.”

Wisely realising that nothing is set in stone until the contracts are signed and the director is calling the shots, Dorff admits he needs to wait for Nicholson to agree. But it sounds he’s already producing the film in his head. “I'll get Sony to give him his $15m and then we'll go and make the movie – because he likes money. Just the way I like money too.” Funny and honest? Bodes well for the script…

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