Starkweather Coming To Cinemas

Comic book adaptation on its way

Starkweather Coming To Cinemas

by Olly Richards |
Published on

The ceaseless march of comic book movies to cinema screens continues apace with the news that lesser known graphic novel Starkweather is to be adapted.

We have to say we're not particularly well acquainted with Starkweather (which might mean a star off our comic book geek badge), but it is the story of a young man who is the latest descendent of a line of sorcerers. Inconveniently, he doesn't learn of his powers until he's into his twenties and find himself attacked by a mysterious coven. Hate when that happens.

Starkweather, created by David Rodriguez, doesn't have a director of writer yet (all the writers are busy waving placards), but has been optioned by the delightfully name Benderspink.

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