It’s Star Wars All Squashed Together

Not news, but pretty darn cool

It's Star Wars All Squashed Together

by Olly Richards |
Published on

It's Friday afternoon and there's not a whole lot going on, so we thought we'd bring you this mocked up poster that the denizens of are going all loopy over and, we believe, originated at Myconfinedspace.

It's a vision of what a poster might look like for the entire Star Wars sexology*, were they all released at once in roughly thirteen hours of far, far away glory that was at its best in the middle six.

It's clearly taken somebody quite some time in Photoshop and it's nice to see the likes of Admirals Piett and Akbar getting a look in. Click below to see a huge version and feast your big ol' geek eyes.

*There's no real word that we can find for a series of six films, but how many opportunities do you get to write sexology?

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