Star Wars: Leslye Headland Talks About Her Disney+ Series

Leslye Headland

by James White |
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While The Mandalorian is currently the standard bearer for Star Wars on the small screen, there are other projects on the way, including the Obi-Wan series and the Rogue One prequel. And then there are those that are still shrouded in mystery, like a foggy day on Dagobah. Among these is the show coming from Russian Doll co-creator Leslye Headland, who appeared on the Fantastic Frankey podcast to talk about her series.

Naturally, there is only so much that Headland can say about the show, given the labyrinthine non-disclosure documents she's no doubt signed. But she did offer up a little bit of detail. "I would say it's in a pocket of the universe and a pocket of the timeline that we don't know much about," Headland specifies. "That's what I can say! There’s going to be some things we haven’t discussed in the canon yet. There are going to be some characters you don’t know about. It's about going on a journey through the Star Wars universe."

Headland also brought up her own extensive fandom of the franchise, which included coming back to it via other small screen adventures. "I was already a big fan of Star Wars. Growing up I was a huge fan, but with the advent of YouTube, that's when I started to really started to get more into Star Wars again. Because I was in my early 20s when the prequels came out, I went to see them, but I didn't get immersed in them as with the original trilogy when I was a kid. Because then I was reading Timothy Zahn books and getting more into it. But I realised there was this whole other world going on that I didn't realise, and through YouTube I got introduced to Clone Wars and Dave Filoni and started to consume the comics and video games. The fandom was my way back into it, I got back in around the time of the Disney acquisition and I knew we'd start to get more Star Wars." For more, take a look at the full interview at the bottom of the page.

Headland, who also directed the likes of Bachelorette and Sleeping With Other People, doesn't specify when we might see the show (she's still working on it), but it certainly sounds like she has an interesting take.

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