Star Wars: The Clone Wars To Return With New Episodes

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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In this era of internet leaks and news getting out before those involved would want it to, it's rare to have actual, true news. Yet at the San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday, Star Wars: The Clone Wars supervising director/producer Dave Filoni surprised the audience at the 10th anniversary panel for the show with news that it's coming back. And there's a trailer offering concrete proof...

The return comes courtesy of Disney's new streaming service, due to launch next year as a competitor to the likes of Netflix and Amazon. One of its offerings will be a fresh, 12-episode run, allowing Filoni and his team to finally finish the story properly after the show ended with six seasons and a few random episodes. And yes, it does mean you'll have to pay for it.

"Personally, it’s very rewarding. Any opportunity to put the final pieces of the story in place is meaningful as a storyteller," he tells the official Star Wars site. "I’m happy for the opportunity to define these things and the end of this part of the Clone War. It also makes me reflect on all the people that I got to work with over the years. It reinforces the things I learned from George [Lucas]. It reminds me of the important elements that go into making Star Wars. So, it’s nice on several levels, and I think for the crew that’s still here that worked on Clone Wars, they feel that, as well." You can read more from Filoni on the site.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

This new run will continue the storylines introduced in the original series, which explored the events leading up to Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith. The series will see the return of classic characters Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi as well as fan-favorites Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex.

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