Spiderman Head-To-Head

Director shortlist down to two

by Willow Green |
Published on

Variety reports this week that ongoing Spiderman film saga - which has been 'in development' for aeons - has finally taken a one step farther towards an actual movie. Sony company Columbia, which acquired the film rights last April, have revealed that the list of potential directors has been narrowed down to two - Chris 'Home Alone' Columbus and David 'Fight Club' Fincher.

Variety says the decision will be made before Christmas and ponders the nature of the arachnid-afflicted superhero in the hands of each candidate: "What kind of web-slinger does one want, exactly? With Columbus, who has helmed such feel-good fare as "Mrs. Doubtfire," "Home Alone" and the upcoming "Bicentennial Man," one could see a Robin Williams-esque Spidey, cracking jokes and rounding up roughnecks, replete with zany hijinks." While with Fincher, the paper speculates: "With noirish, intellectual actioners under his belt -- like "Fight Club," "The Game" and "Seven" -- his vision for the crime-fighter is not likely be one of the yuck-a-minute variety. "

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