Sony Swings Off With Tarzan Movie Rights

Tarzan - Johnny Weissmuller era

by James White |
Published on

Tarzan has, like Dracula and Sherlock Holmes, been brought to screens big and small many, many times. But despite more misses than hits (Warner Bros.' attempt to launch a franchise with 2016's The Legend Of Tarzan struck a tree with the first movie), Sony is reportedly looking to try bringing the character to life, making a deal for the rights from the estate of author Edgar Rice Burroughs.

There is no one creatively involved at this point yet, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, the plan is to re-imagine the character for the 21st century (likely tackling some of the more problematic plot points).

Tarzan of course, will likely still be the story of a boy from a wealthy family who is orphaned while on a trip to the jungle, and raised by apes. He becomes a skilled warrior of the wild, then falls for a woman named Jane and ends up going back to England and discovering it's an even more barbaric place than his adopted home.

Versions of the story have been adapted since 1918 (the first stories were published in 1912) including via radio series, movies, TV shows and comic strips. Disney took a crack in 1999 with its animated film, which has since spawned a stage musical.

Whoever does decide to tackle this one will need to find something really fresh to make it worthwhile.

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