Sony Finds A Writer For 23 Jump Street

Rodney Rothman is set for script patrol


by James White |
Published on

The end of **22 Jump Street **featured a montage of possibly future adventures for Channing Tatum’s Jenko and Jonah Hill’s Schmidt, as Captain Dickson (Ice Cube) announced they were off to medical school next (and to about sixteen other establishments of learning after that). There’s no word yet on whether that will indeed form the plot, but a second sequel is now in development, with Rodney Rothman hired to write the script for **23 Jump Street.

**22 Jump Street **has now made $320 million worldwide, so it was inevitable that Sony would want to leap back into that well. Depending on how the script turns out, Hill and Tatum should be back, but a bigger question lingers over directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who have seen their career skyrocket this year and might be too busy. They also may not want to tempt fate by trying to replicate their successful formula a third time, especially after they sent up the very idea of sequels so successfully this year. Then again, their live-action projects take fractionally less of a time-commitment than an animation like The Lego Movie, so that might make this easier to squeeze in.

So it will be Rothman’s job initially to flesh out an idea that has everyone excited. He has form with the series, since he was one of the writers on the last film. He also wrote **Grudge Match **and has a variety of other projects on the go, including working on the new TV series based on The Greatest American Hero with Lord and Miller. Let's hope he can find the same magic again if this goes ahead.


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