Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer Unveils New-Look Sonic Design

Sonic The Hedgehog

by Ben Travis |
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If there’s any film event this year that matched the outcry garnered by the Cats trailer, it was the reception to the live-action Sonic The Hedgehog – whose animated lead star looked, frankly, horrifying. Not because of the quality of the effects, but the new filmic design of the speed-loving mammal – given full rows of human teeth, disturbingly long, slender legs, and haunting eyes. Simply put, he didn’t look real, but also looked largely unlike the cartoonish video game Sonic that fans have loved for decades. As a result of the backlash, the film was delayed with the design of Sonic set to be changed. Now, he’s back in a new trailer – and he does look more like the Sonic you remember from the early ‘90s.

The film features Ben Schwartz as the voice of the speedy blue hedgehog, who travels to Earth and befriends James Marsden’s Tom. But he soon attracts the attention of Jim Carrey’s evil, mustache-twirling Dr. Robotnik – who, understandably, becomes obsessed with the discovery of this lightning-fast cerulean creature. Aside from the much-needed Sonic re-design, it’s a more confident trailer – one that promises an enjoyably unhinged performance from Carrey and an irreverent, hyperactive sense of humour.

Sonic The Hedgehog will speed into UK cinemas on 14 February – that’s your Valentine’s Day viewing sorted.

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